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Corona and sleeping in RumpusRoom,

how does that match together?


First and foremost we take the well-known measures to prevent the spread and contamination of Corona. You know them by now, but we do repeat them again... We regularly wash/ disinfect our hands, we keep at least 1.5 m social distance and we avoid contact.

If one of us feels sick we keep each other informed and unfortunately the sleepover will have to be cancelled (see cancellation conditions at 'terms & conditions')

Furthermore we all wear a mask, host and guests. Guests are in possession of a valuable covid-safe ticket to show on demand. Guests coming to enjoy a yummie breakfast will also have to show their covid-safe ticket before entering the breakfast room otherwise access has unfortunately to be denied. 



What else do we do?

RumpusRoom is lucky to be a small guesthouse, so fewer people to bump into or cross your bubble! That is certainly a great asset!

Furthermore, we follow the rules for the sector imposed by TOURISM FLANDERS. Here are the most important:


-the guest house dining room does monitor it CO-2 levels -

-all rooms and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected several times, as well as ventilated-


- there is hand gel or antibacterial soap everywhere-


-the areas such as living and dining room are only accessible by appointment or when there are no other guests, they are also thoroughly cleaned after each visitor-


- keys, handles, light switches doors… are additionally disinfected -


-breakfast can be taken at 1.5m distance and if preferred a time slot can be reserved or in some cases eaten in the room-


More info on travel advice/ Covid-19 updates:

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