Corona and sleeping in RumpusRoom,

how does that match together?


First and foremost we take the well-known measures to prevent the spread and contamination of Corona. You know them by now, but we do repeat them again... We regularly wash/ disinfect our hands, we keep at least 1.5 m social distance and we avoid contact and we all wear a mask, host and guests. If one of us feels sick we keep each other informed and unfortunately the sleepover will have to be cancelled (see cancellation conditions at 'terms & conditions')



What else do we do?

RumpusRoom is lucky to be a small guesthouse, so fewer people to bump into or cross your bubble! That is certainly a great asset!

Furthermore, we follow the rules for the sector imposed by TOURISM FLANDERS. Here are the most important:


-all rooms and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected several times, as well as ventilated-


- there is hand gel or antibacterial soap everywhere-


-the common areas such as living and dining room are only accessible by appointment or when there are no other guests, they are also thoroughly cleaned after each visitor-


- magazines, tourist information, flyers and other objects that are otherwise easily accessible to everyone are removed or only made available on demand and after decontamination -


- keys, handles, light switches doors… are additionally disinfected -


-where breakfast normally consists of a buffet, this will now be served separately by bubble-


-breakfast can be taken at 1.5m distance and if this cannot be guaranteed, a time slot can be reserved or in some cases eaten in the room-


-the shared bedroom is currently only open to individual groups and not offered by bed-

-in the narrow parts of the guesthouse there is a one-way direction to be surely avoid collisions-


More info on travel advice/ Covid-19 updates:


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