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My name is Ina , as I am very curious about people and culture I like to connect to people of all different kinds and places. So yes I like to travel of course, but even more it's all about sharing and meeting new ones en new things. I' m always in search of the hidden secrets in other cities but also in my own neighborhood and country! I'm an adventurous explorer with a special interest in architecture, photography, film, graphic design, let's say art in general ...and I love to enjoy the beauty and force of nature! Can't wait to meet you while traveling or host you in my own RumpusRoom GuestHouse and especially: share my favorite places with you!

I created RumpusRoom as a tiny guesthouse with a cozy, relaxing atmosphere where you can feel at home. It's a charming, comfy place to enjoy peaceful and restful nights. As a traveler and creative person I like to guide you through Belgian cultural identity in its widest form as I believe curiosity, sharing and connecting are key values to life. Therefore the guesthouse is kept small; 3 rooms, a living room and dining room free to use...Who knows you might bump into another sweet guest?

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