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Did you know that RumpusRoom doesn't force you to hide in your room during your stay?

On the first floor we have a very sunny open living and dining room which is free to use during the day. In the morning breakfast is served here, but feel free to stay a little while pointing out your trip, asking some advice. Or what do you think of coming home after an exhausting city walk and chilling a bit in the couch, watching a movie, reading a fancy magazine? Maybe you prefer picking up a nice book on belgian art of the shelve? Everything is possible, maybe you're hungry and want to prepare a little tapa or heating up a hot bowl of soup? It's no problem at all. 


Even shopping is one of the possibilities, cause -guess what- I've exposed some of the little treasures I made in my RumpusRoom CreativeStudio and they 're for sale. Yes you can touch them! 


The shared spaces are free to enter from breakfast till 22 o' clock. I hope you'll find them as cozy as I do . Think you gonna feel at home in company of all my plants or what's even better, in company of some other fellow travellers who you might bump into!*

Come on 'in!

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