voucher RR-GuestHouse


This voucher gifs you 1 free night in the 'ochre room'. The ochre room is a spacious and light room with 6 beds (2 individual beds & 2 bunkbeds). It's the perfect place for a group of friends or a family. For families an alternative set up with a double bed can be arranged. Each bed has his own night lamp, bedside cabinet and locker. There are 2 shared bathroom available and we provide towels and sheets. Delicious breakfast is included.


  • -The voucher is valid for a booking made in1 year starting from the date of issue.

    (Corona/Covid-19 update: Vouchers bought during Corono horeca lockdown will starting to count the date the coronameasures for horeca are lifted officially)

    -citytax is not included

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