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Breakfast in RumpusRoom used to come as a buffet and would've been served in the common dining room as we liked to encourage having a chat with fellow travellers for which we have one prettily-laid large table for you all. But hey, since this global corona pandemic came into are lives, this formula had to change a lot. First of all breakfast is served separately for every 'bubble' of guests. As we have more guests breakfast takes place on a safe distance or will be organized in shifts. In some cases breakfast can eventually be served in the room itself. Also breakfast became optional, if you rather want to have breakfast outside, discover a nice coffeebar in the neighbourhood* or want to save some money on that...whatever your reason, it is possible to book the room without breakfast as well!





But what's more important; what will that breakfast consists of? As RumpusRoom wants to support local food production and work sustainable, we work with as much local, artisanal suppliers and as eco-friendly as possible. Delicious bread from the bakery around the corner, jam from new entrepreneurs in town, typical Belgian spreads and maybe homemade granola? Every chose we make for breakfast will be done carefully and with respect for nature. We will always search for the best organic ingredients. Breakfast will be mostly veggy. If you're vegan or if you really can't get through the day without your daily slice of bacon let me know and we adapt free of any extra charge. 

No more morning grumpiness 'cause the extensive and complete RumpusRoom breakfast with delicious coffee, tea, juice and a wide variety of yummie fruits, yoghurt, granola, eggs, bread, spreads and jams will wait for you downstairs...

*We recommend: Hook, Clo & Walvis!

Good morning!

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